Holistic Wellness Consultation/FREE

A virtual meeting that includes a basic spinal assessment, your health history and your wellness goals, followed by feedback and recommendations on a wellness & education plan that will be personalised to your needs.


A 40-minute session working on a mutually agreed, personalised wellness plan at a pace that is right for you.

Holistic Wellness Courses/£140.00 

8 x 30-minute guided education followed by independent self-inquiry. 

Combining multiple wellness fields, including The Spinal Flow Technique, metaphysical-clinical aromatherapy and qigong, this course offers practical exercises, reflection tasks, tips for daily self-care and sessions for questions and answers. 

Create a life of ease, beginning with your physiology.

Book as an individual, family or group of 7 friends/colleagues. Focus areas include:

🔸 Listen to your body (appropriate for all ages)

🔸 Happy spine happy life: daily wellness for students (ages 11-22)

🔸 Body re-connections (wellness recovery e.g. post-cancer treatment)

You can also choose your pace of study to fit the course seamlessly into your schedule.

Recommended pace: 2 sessions per week to acquire in-depth understanding in one month.

On completion, you will feel a strong, healthier connection to your body, mind and emotions and know where and how to make improvements specific to you.

What you will receive in the course: 8 x guided classes, spinal wellness journal and coaching support.

Essential Oil Education/£15.00

20-minute metaphysical-clinical aromatherapy consultation covering essential oil safety, recommended essential oils and protocols personalised to the needs and toxin-free living goals of you and your family.

Bespoke Qigong/£20.00 

20-minute tutorial teaching exercises matched specifically to your needs and lifestyle. This bite-sized class will provide you with a daily self-care practice and an understanding of the many benefits, as explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Knowledge Immersion Programme/FREE

Learn about holistic health and wellness at your pace, on your schedule. 

You will receive 2-weeks of learning material directly to your phone with the opportunity to ask questions.

Knowledge Immersion Notes/starting at £5.95 

If you are new to our programmes and have missed an earlier class, do not worry. Our previous class notes are available for purchase.